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Listing Began: Jun 20
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Black, red and yellow belongs to dark colors. The combination of the three dark colors produces a unique visual impact, which is not mixed the three colors together but arranged in section. Each color is flat and trenchant. Such kind of custom made wristbands is segmented wristbands.

For this batch of segmented wristbands, there is nothing produced on them but the segmented color, so that we call these blank wristbands cheap as segmented simply wristbands accordingly.

Although these segmented simply wristbands are colorful but not boastful at all. Everybody who likes them can wear them freely.

In addition, if you like the segmented style but not this color combination, you can also choose other colors you like to match, we can provide you with high-quality service because GS-JJ is the best and cheapest place to buy silicone wristbands as quality as these segmented simply wristbands.

Custom wristbands Size: 8*1/2

Thickness: 1.5mm
Style: Segmented, without any contents filled wristbands

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