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Silicone wristbands no minimum be provided by GSJJ all over the year, as long as you want to customize awesome wristbands, no matter what kind of craft you want, we can promise the best services for you.

Look at these STUK Wristbands, white with black fonts, give a concise feeling. Any custom made wristbands can’t be separated from a good design concept, checking the fonts on these STUK Wristbands, the eye-catching title was taken by debossed craft, and filled with black color, the lines of these fonts are delicate and neat, as if they were printed on them. While the title “ “is a TV Show, the printed image was printed with its original shape which is the same as the website. So, these STUK Wristbands can be used to any occasions related to the TV Show, and if you like, you also can wear it in anywhere.

Simply wristbands are a kind of simple jewelry in people’s daily life, we can see them in many occasions, so, if you like, you can customize anytime for any reason.

Custom wristbands Size: 7"*”1/2"

Thickness: 1.5mm

Style: Printed with one color wristbands

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