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Laser skin tightening produces dramatic results and is one of the safest facial rejuvenation options that smartly focus on reduction of appearance of wrinkles as well as loose skin primarily. It leaves you with a more youthful and smoother appearance. Let’s know more about this popular skin rejuvenation technique that works wonders.
What is laser skin tightening?
It’s a non-surgical process that’s minimally invasive and uses infrared light source for skin tightening that heats collagen under the surface of the skin which leads to tightening of the skin. This is a popular technique as the after effects are visible without much delay. Additional tightening might occur weeks or even months later.
What to expect?
Patients must remove all extra makeup and wipe off oils and sunscreens or any other substance on the skin. Topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area with additional precautions like protective eyewear and over-the-counter pain medication for those with low tolerance. A new skin laser clinic takes all these precautions.

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