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Email Bot Bot: An automated Email Sending platform driven by Artificial intelligence to help
you make maximum out of Email Marketing.
Email Bot is among the most trusted Email Sending platform where we have integrated
automation with artificial intelligence to ensure that our users doesn’t lose out on any
opportunity while sending the emails. Email Bot Makes use of Dedicated IPS, Spam Filters,
Email Servers to make sure each email is delivered to users inbox. We make sure of AI to
make sure not even a single email goes to SPAM.
Why Email Bot?
Email Marketing is a highly volatile one. It undergoes changes every passing hour Rules and
Regulations are changed every single moment by Email Providers. With Email Bot, you get an
automated platform that uses artificial intelligence inorder to identify the SPAM Content and
filter it properly. Each Email is send using IP Rotation Techniques. We have 2300 Dedicated IPS
and Powerful Servers to make sure your message reaches to potential clients or customers.